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I have planted cabbages, cauliflowers, sprouts and broccoli this weekend and already the dreaded white butterfly has found them. How can I prevent infestation of caterpillars eating the tender young plants please? Washing up liquid spray, cayenne pepper and picking them off individually have all been suggested by friends, but what other suggestions do members have please? I have 50+ plants. Thank you.



Malva Moschata Alba plants near Brassicas, will attract
Hoverflies in the late evening. They fly over and feed on
the larvae left by White Cabbage Butterflies. This will
continue until 2nd week in September when it turns too
cold for the Hoverflies. Then spray once. After that the
Butterflies go too.
I never rotovated my allotment, because it would destroy the Moschata plants, which self seeded and came up every spring.

7 Aug, 2013

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