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What are the names of these succulents please ?

Img_5609 Img_5611 Img_5612



1 looks like an Echeveria or Aeonium ... sorry I can't tell from the photo

2 Sedum rubrotinctum

3 Crassula tetragonia


6 Aug, 2013


Looks like Echeveria to me as well, but the second one I think is Sedum pachyphyllum rather than rubrotinctum, though they are similar, its just pachyphyllum only has those red dots at the tips, whereas rubrotinctum has a good bit more red in other places.

6 Aug, 2013


such a pity we can't grow the 1st and 3rd here at the tropics. i learnt that these need full sun (less the heat) and cool nights. we don't have that. the entire crassula family can't be grown here at all

7 Aug, 2013

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