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Can anyone identify this plant, please?
It has many woody stems from a central base. The leaves are small, medium green, elliptical with obtuse tips.The heads of small, tubular flowers are whitish/pink and the bees and butterflies go crazy for it - although I cannot detect much fragrance.

Mystery_plant_004 Mystery_plant_006



looks a bit like oregano. are the leaves aromatic when you crush them?

7 Aug, 2013


Yep, it's marjoram, the wild plant, origanum vulgare. My favourite herb (an association with childhood) and you're right, bees' favourite herb. I mentioned it in my butterfly blog as the green-veined white butterflies seem to prefer it over anything else. I cut a few stems and throw them on my shed floor so I'm reminded of summer when I walk on them.

8 Aug, 2013


Thanks to you both - problem solved.

The depth of knowledge on GOY is phenomenal!

8 Aug, 2013

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