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I have two very tall about 18ft variegated golden holly trees in my garden. They are sprouting skywards and feel sure I should get someone to trim them and take out top . I am wondering if now is the right time or should I wait until the autumn.
The reason I am thinking about getting this done now, is because I have two dead trees so need to get 'a man that does' and am fed up looking at dead lilac and dead choisa.
Thankyou for any advice.



Holly is a tough plant and will survive all sorts of abuse, but I would do it in mid spring, so that any new growth made isn't clobbered by a late frost. Even now might just cause it to suffer, and it'll make little extra growth between now and next year anyway

10 Aug, 2013


Thanks Worthy1, good advice, yes will leave until spring,
plenty of other jobs that can be done now.

11 Aug, 2013

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