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Our Battandieri was fine and then the leaves began to look as though they were dying, a funny colour and limp.
Is it dying?



I'm assuming you mean Cytisus battandieri - this particular one is slightly tender, which is why, in colder areas, it should be planted in a south facing position against a wall for protection. It might be that the extreme weather this winter has killed it - leave it in situ till the weather warms and see if it recovers.

8 Feb, 2010


I haven't noticed mine , I will go out and have a look at it in the morning ! I have a new one growing near the parent tree , i'm not sure if it's a sucker or if it has seeded it's self .. it's about 2/3 ft tall , I should think about moving it soon .......

9 Feb, 2010


I've looked at mine this morning , it's fine .. but the small one beside it has some black leaves , not enough to worry about if we don't have anymore severe weather ..

10 Feb, 2010


They do seed quite readily Amy, fortunately!

11 Feb, 2010

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