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By Iristia

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Growsonyou,
I know I can't plant a new rose where an old rose has grown-unless I remove the old soil and replace it with new soil and bonemeal etc.
Would it be OK to plant a honeysuckle in it's place?



There shouldn't be a problem - I have roses and honeysuckle growing right next to each other.
Make sure that you dig in some good organic matter or soil improver, as they are woodland plants and love moist fertile soil.

9 Aug, 2013


On my Arch I have Graham Thomas Honeysuckle and Golden showers rose growing side by side.

9 Aug, 2013


I understand its the whole Rosacae family that shouldn't be planted there but you are fine with the honesuckle...its fascinating to find just how big Rosacae is....

10 Aug, 2013


Thank you to Lutleyyeltz,Scotkat and Pamg for all the useful information you have given me.

10 Aug, 2013

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