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What is this? It's appeared on the surface of some compost in a container. About 3cm across.




It's a liver wort :o) It likes to grow in damp places.

10 Aug, 2013


it's harmless and a primitive plant, present even before the dinosaurs.. just scrape it off.

10 Aug, 2013


It may be 3cm across now but in a few weeks it will have multipled by a large amount. You should tweek it out now or it will smother any plants and prevent overhead water getting to the compost. it is probabe that the soil is poorly drained and too wet at the moment.
This is not a critisism of you, Gg, I have a lot of problem with liverwort, myself.

10 Aug, 2013


Have a look at my photos - the fruiting body of that little plant. Like a little alien

10 Aug, 2013


It looks as if its watching you doesn't it?

10 Aug, 2013


Thank you all, it is a weird looking thing close up!

11 Aug, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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