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Cotoneaster (small trees)
I have 2 of these, one has pink blooms and red berries and the other has white blooms and yellow berries. When I bought them 3 years ago they were full of berries but since then, although they bloom very well, they have hardly any berries on them. I'd be grateful for any advice please!



Presumably the flowers are not getting pollinated, Pf. It is the bees and wasps that pollinate ours, do you have any around?

11 Aug, 2013


Yes, Bulba, my whole garden is aimed at supporting bees and insects in general. That's why I am so puzzled. I admit there aren't quite as many honeybees about in the garden this year. I wondered whether they're plants of which 2 the same are needed?

11 Aug, 2013


are they getting plenty of water? I find they have more berries when it s damper.

11 Aug, 2013


Thinking about it, Seaburngirl, that might be a reason. I haven't given them any extra water as they seemed to be doing all right on their own. I'll remember that next summer.

12 Aug, 2013

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