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Hi All ,having completed my first project ( and my first ever blog ) I have of course more questions for my next one.
I've partially cleared the area between the two sets of trees,it is mostly weeds& nettle but don't want to tackle the roots as the ground is quite steep,and probably unstable. I suspect I need to reinforce it and choose carefully as regards to plants/shrubs, also if you see the top of the photo I've unearthed some large logs which form the border of a small footpath and seem to be held in place by a combination of inertia and history.
As always, all guidance will be appreciated.




I would spray off the weeds when they have good growth on in spring. Until then cover it up with carpet or plastic to weaken the weeds. You could leave it covered, but if you want to plant something the weeds will just zoom through the hole and compete. So take off cover in march, and give the weeds a chance to grow, when they are a foot or so tall, zap them with the strongest weedkiller you can buy. They should die off in a couple of months. If they don't come back, cover it again till autumn, and then plant your shrubs/trees etc. If you don't get rid of the weeds they will always grow faster and taller than anything you plant and they will take all the available food and water! There's no quick way - you would spend most of that time digging them out by hand...

13 Aug, 2013

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