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By Brynley

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I tried to grow beans and they failed so I just tested the area, and its low on potash. what can I do to improve this area. thank Bryn



Hi Bryn, welcome to g o y, all you need to do is add some general fertilizer, such as growmore when you get the ground ready next year, Derek.

12 Aug, 2013


You can add sulphate of potash as well if you want but don't put it on until almost planting time because its very soluble and if you do it now it will largely be washed out by spring. You could also dig a trench in the plot and bury your green materials instead of composting them, which should improve the soil structure. This may deplete the nitrogen content but your general fertilizer will replace it. Beans fix their own nitrogen anyway.

12 Aug, 2013


Bilbo, why do you have to wait until Feb to do the trench thing? I'd have thought starting it now would give it longer to rot down? Interested because I was just about to start .

13 Aug, 2013


It would also warm up the soil a little as the material starts to rot down, in the same way as heat is generated in a compost heap, maybe enabling the beans to be planted out a little earlier, Derek.

14 Aug, 2013

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