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Back again with my fig tree weeks later since repotting to a larger pot with good soil and watered. It has produced lots of figs since then but each stem is drooping towards the ground. It looks very leggy I am tempted to cut the limbs as I don't eat the fruit anyway.

Any feedback will be appreciated.




well if you don't want the figs then prune them off.then the plant will put all its energies into new growth. the weight of the fruit will be pulling the stems down. minus the fruit it may well 'straighten up for you.

13 Aug, 2013


If you don't want the figs you could give the plant to someone who does and get yourself a less demanding plant plant with similar leaves, such as Ricinus communis?
Just a suggestion. Could it have been overwatered?

13 Aug, 2013


My thoughts exactly. It looks as though it just may be a bit too wet. I wouldn't prune it, but allow the top growth to rid the plant of the extra water and, hopefully, gradually, it will recover.

13 Aug, 2013


Gosh why have a fig plant if you don't want the fruits!

13 Aug, 2013


This type of fig has fabulous leaves and the figs are a bonus. Your fig is very unhappy but she probably finds it too hard to cope with the new environment. Is it producing fruit because it thinks it is dying and needs to reproduce? I would cut it back hard.
My fig has been in a pot for about 10 years and really responds well to being cut back hard. After years of only minimal fruit, it's going to be a fab harvest this year - as long as they ripen.

13 Aug, 2013

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