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Curly Laurel

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My friend has this tree/shrub in her garden and she calls it twisted laurel as all the leaves are curly like a spiral around its stem. I thought it might be Portuguese laurel but cannot find any description or photo showing the leaves growing round in a circular fashion as this does. The leaves are about 12cm long 5 cm wide. They curl to the left and right alternating along the stem. Very glossy green.Can you identify it?



any chance of a photo? Pittosporum rings a distant bell.

13 Aug, 2013


Robinia Lace Lady comes to mind, but the leaves are pale green and not particularly glossy. A photo is essential really... otherwise, are the leaves themselves curly?

14 Aug, 2013


Look up ligustrum japonicum 'Recurvifolium', one of the privets. Leaves curly enough?

14 Aug, 2013


Thank you very much for your comments. I have taken photos and have them in "dropbox" but I don't know how to insert them onto this page. None of the suggestions appear to be like the piece of foliage I have. I could send photos to you all using your personal emails as I know how to do that. If you feel able to let me know, you can contact me on and I hope it will make things clearer. Thank you Shirley

14 Aug, 2013


Can you not just post the pics under photos on your profile page and then let us know you've done it?

14 Aug, 2013


Sorry Bamboo, I've tried but after highlighting the photo in dropbox I don't know how to get it onto this site. I know only how to send it to an email address.

14 Aug, 2013


Many thanks to Bamboo for finding out that my friend's mystery twisted laurel is prunus laurocerasus camelliifolia, as even my local garden centre couldn't tell me what it was.

15 Aug, 2013

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