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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Would you ladies of GOY

mind if I asked a question that has absolutely nothing at all to do with gardening ?
I've just found a large luxury Christmas pud in a cupboard dated 1979. Dare I eat it or must I discard it ?



I'd put it in a Christmas pud museum!:) Or is it the cupboard that's dated 1979, the question doesn't make it clear!lol

15 Aug, 2013


why ask only the ladies, us men not good enough, ?
keep it till the cold weather comes in and feed it to the birds.
the feathered type that is not the 2 legged lovelies

15 Aug, 2013


If it was going off I'm pretty sure that mould would be the problem so if it looks and smells OK its probably delicious. I would definitely eat it if it does.

15 Aug, 2013


Sorry eamonn,I forgot men have such skills. Sadly I don't. And thanks Sue, will definitely try it - cautiously though. And in future I'll check my questions before sending them !

15 Aug, 2013


Hi Hank! Do tell us the result when you've tried it!

15 Aug, 2013


Certainly will, if I'm still here.

16 Aug, 2013

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