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We live by the Thames and the 100ft front bed regularly flood in winter and sit with water in them for 4-6 weeks, at the moment they have some very elderly roses in them which don't seem to mind being up to their knees in water, but they are well past their best and I would like to replace them, but what other plants will tolerate this? Oh and the beds get very dry in summer



Thanks for responding bilbo, my name although it is a mans name is misleading, I'm actually a woman and definitely not a Kev! Hostas and their like would not do well in this particular spot, although it is waterlogged for a month or so in winter, most of the year it is pretty dry, actually very dry, we are away a lot so the plants need to be really capable of just getting on with it, I know I'm asking a lot of a plant but there must be some robust little chaps out there who can cope as well as the roses have over the years

17 Aug, 2013


Oh that's OK, as you can imagine , it's a VERY common mistake, I don't take offence easily, just correct the mistake.

17 Aug, 2013

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