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How do I store the seeds I have collected from delphiniums, astrantia, alium sensation and aquilegia this year? At present I have them in envelopes away from heat and sunlight. Help would be appreciated



Hi Rosedaisy, you're doing the right thing, so just carry on, although the Aqueligia's could be sown now where you want them to flower, Derek.

17 Aug, 2013


I was told by a Delphinium grower,at Chelsea,to store the seeds in the fridge..which I did,and they germinated well..just put your envelope in a small plastic container..not sure about article in this weekends paper,by Carol Klein,said the seeds were sterile.? I have never grown them,so I don't really know..and agree with Derek about Aquilegias,although if you look carefully,you might see new seedlings already growing where the parent plant is,as well..good luck :o).

17 Aug, 2013


I've grown Astrantia 'Shaggy' successfully from collected seed. Kept the seed in an envelope in a dry place over winter and sowed the seed in spring.

17 Aug, 2013


I stand corrected,Jaykaty,thank you for the info....I have just reread the article,about Astrantia,and it is the variety 'Roma 'which she says is sterile..I do apologise,Rosedaisy..

17 Aug, 2013


Always save brown paper bags for saving seeds, not
plastic ones as they need air.

18 Aug, 2013

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