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By Haian

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everybody, in the spring I brought a clematis Crimson King, and have grown it up a trellis, recently the leaves at the bottom have started to go brown and curl up. The rest of the plant is fine and appears to be doing well, should I be concerned about this, and is there anything I can do about it.



Hi Ian, is this in a container or the ground?

17 Aug, 2013


These are the oldest leaves and nothing to worry about. if they are unsightly just pull them off.

17 Aug, 2013


This usually happens at this time of the year. If its in the ground and you have room, consider planting something tall enough that will hide it next year.

17 Aug, 2013


Remember to put some large pebbles on the surface of the soil. Clematis like to have cool roots.

18 Aug, 2013


Hi everybody, thanks for your help, I really appreciate all the help everybody is giving me, I am really enjoying my garden, and am learning all the time. The Clematis is in the ground, and is growing very well, apart from those brown leaves at the bottom. Could you also please tell me when, and how much I have to prune it.
Thanks again all of you.

19 Aug, 2013


It's a group 3 pruning clematis -

Group 3 - Cut back last year's stems to a pair of strong buds 20 cm above soil level before new growth begins in early spring.

19 Aug, 2013

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