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My garden has been in pots for a number of years as I have moved house a lot. Now I want to plant it all out - should I do this now or in spring? The pots haven't got much goodness left in the compost.



I can't see the problem in planting out now. Autumn is the normal time for planting but we're nearly at that point now.

17 Aug, 2013


Plant out now with as much improvement to the soil as you can manage and water well both now and in the weeks to come.....there should be no problem. Are all the plants in your pots full hardy? Something to bear in mind.

17 Aug, 2013


Don't forget to gently tease the roots out a bit to help them strike out. planting holes need to be bigger than the rootball. half as big a again if you can. then mix compost with the soil and use that to backfill round the plants.

17 Aug, 2013


And enjoy your new garden!

17 Aug, 2013


Its still very dry in some areas (? Hampshire) I would leave it until the end of September, but stand the pots
where the plants will eventually be permanently, to make sure of the right places.

18 Aug, 2013


Thanks everyone - that's really helpful. I'm on the south coast so should have time to get this right - off to start digging the garden over now!!

18 Aug, 2013

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