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Never before had this happen, I think its some sort of infestation, as you can see the leaves are falling rapidly and the stems are coated as well, please advise on best action to take....

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are they white fly? if so then spray with an appropriate insecticide. or fungal?

17 Aug, 2013


Thanks Seaburn, to me they do look like whitefly but unlike the ones I used to get in my g'house years ago these ones don't fly off if I disturb them, I' ve never lost all the leaves like this.....

17 Aug, 2013


Do you have Rape fields growing nearby ? Rape Beetle is an awful nuisance on Brassicas. They have to be washed
6 times in the winter to get rid of Rape Beetle fly.

18 Aug, 2013


Are the white 'flies' actually the shed skins of the greenfly/aphids that are elsewhere on the plant? Whatever, it's a serious infestation - impressive. I think, despite my reservations re pesticides, that a spray of something noxious is required, then a clip back and tidy up, a good wash off and watering and wait for nature to help out in a positive way! Dispose of the rest of it.

18 Aug, 2013


Thanks all, I have sprayed the bush, checked everything growing near to it and no signs of it spreading to anything else, got to hoover up the leaves and wait and hope.....

18 Aug, 2013

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