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When I lift my dahlia tubers do I just let them dry out and then store them in newspaper (maybe) in a dry cool place.I watched a video and they put heat on them well I dont have any of that equiptment? Thank you



Tubers should be lifted after the first main frost has blackened the leaves. When that happens, cut the stem so that you see about 3 inches of stem above soil level. Leave for about 2 weeks. This encourages eyes to form. Then dig them up. I get the hosepipe out and spray the tuber so that all soil is removed, and cut off all the fine roots. Then let it dry for about a week. After drying, store them in boxes of dry peat/old compost, leaving the crown exposed, in a cool room where temperature does not go above 50'f, but preferably cooler, and doesn't go below freezing.No heat is required.

18 Aug, 2013


Fantastic :) Thank you!

18 Aug, 2013

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