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I am 77 years old and have lots of leaves fall into my garden is there anything other than a large vac I can use to clear them



not really, I don't know if raking them up is too much for you, but other than pay someone else to do it there's not a lot of alternatives.

18 Aug, 2013


Hi, I recently saw on amazon website a garden leaf shredder by Eckman that looks like an upright vacuum cleaner. Here's the link ~

Hope the link works. It's £75.00. Not sure how good it is or how easy it is to use though.

18 Aug, 2013


If you buy one with a fabric bag that's suspended from your shoulder do check in the shop that you are tall enough for it. Ours kept catching on the floor when I tried to use it. And it didn't last very long either. Could you use a blower to collect them all on the lawn and then use the mower over them as Snoop suggests. That's what we do, and they rot down a lot more quickly when they are chopped up small.

18 Aug, 2013


A rake is much cheaper. Keep exposed to the weather
for 2 years, and add to compost. Saves money.

19 Aug, 2013


But using a rake on a large area is too much for some people as they age - I'm assuming this is why the question was asked. I know I haven't the stamina to even sweep all our drive at one go let alone rake all the leaves.

19 Aug, 2013


I am 85. What is the matter with them ?
Its finding the Oak tree thats hard, parking the car
without getting into trouble, and raking up bags full of leaves before the Council bloke with the easy peasy equipment gets to them !
Never put them in the compost bin, they take 2 years
to rot.
Mine are in a black bin bag, with the top left open, always
hoping its going to rain !
Some people have wire netting 'pens' which is the best
way really. Must make one and do the job properly.

20 Aug, 2013


What's the matter with them? Well arthritis, sciatica, diabetes making feet sore, heart problems - some older people are fortunate and still very active but not all are so lucky. And very frustrating most of them find it.

20 Aug, 2013


I think it's more about the level of physical ability you have rather than age. I have a 27 year old friend who can't garden at all as the result of disability due to a stroke. On the other hand, my 90 year old Dad mows our lawn with a push mower. I had trouble today catching up with a very lively 78 year old colleague in our office who walks pretty fast!

So age isn't necessarily a barrier to physical ability, but by mentioning her age the questioner implies that there are some limitations she has that might make such things as raking difficult.

20 Aug, 2013


Nicely put Louisa.

21 Aug, 2013

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