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how to propagate tulip seeds?



I,m not sure but if in doubt wait until the seed pods are dry then remove and dry off the seed, plant next will be a couple of years before they flower I would think and you won't know if the flowers are any good until then.......

20 Aug, 2013


you can grow tulips from seeds but they will take many years to flower and probably won't resemble the mother plant. It might help if you stratify them by putting the seeds in a plastic bag with some damp soil and keep it in the fridge for a few months. Plant them out in a cold frame for 18 months then plant them where you want them to flower.

20 Aug, 2013


Oh do they need that too Myron, I did wonder.....
I have had success with magnolia, calla lily and cordylines by overwintering the seed pots in a cold greenhouse....., a couple of the calla lilies flowered this year.....a pretty pink although the mother plant was creamy white.
I may have to wait a long while for the magnolia, its from a Stellata cross so heaven knows what it will be thnough!

20 Aug, 2013


They can be overwintered naturally in the garden, but to grow the seeds any time of year and kid them on that it's winter a few months in the fridge and they will think winter has come. Many years ago my mother used to grow indoor daffodils that flowered in December. She would put the bulbs in a bag with some soil for a few months, in November she would plant them into pots on a window sill and the daffodils would think spring had come and burst into flower... Daffodils at Christmas time.

20 Aug, 2013


Sow the seed fresh. It germinates better straight from the plant rather than being dried off.
Cover lightly with grit, gravel or whatever rather than compost.
Sow in a deep pot rather than a seed tray (reasons later).
Leave exposed to weather. They need a period of cold followed by warmth to initiate germination.
When (if?) they germinate do not be in a hurry to p rick them out. This is the reason for deep pot rather than seed tray.
Feed the seed pot with dilute Baby Bio type stuff, until the leaves go yellow then allow the pot to dry off.
Repotting may be done when they are dormant.
Hybrids do not come true from seed and they take up to 7 years to reach flowering size.

20 Aug, 2013

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