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Labelling of herbaceous perennial plants.
I've noticed recently that a few plants for sale in GCs are labelled as perennials. Then when you get them home and do a bit of research they appeared to fall into the short lived category.
Other than marketing and making money is there a reason they do this? Why don't they label them as annuals?
Scabiosa Beaugolais Bonnets is one example, on the label it says 'Perennial, comes back year after year' which is obviously not true as I've since learned it's short lived. Kind of annoying when you pay almost 10 quid for a plant!
Is there anything to be done to get at least another year or so from them.



I'm not sure but I think scabious might be a bit fussy - not easy-going perennials - need to be in exactly the right soil, kept moist but protected from wet! Lovely flowers but may be a bit more trouble than they're really worth unless you grow them from seed.
Someone may correct me and say that they're super easy to grow and take care of themselves.

20 Aug, 2013


Thanks for your input Urbanite - I can see what you are saying. I really need to be careful not to fall into that trap again - Lobelia Queen Victoria is another such 'short lived' perennial!

21 Aug, 2013


I only know about scabious because my mother used to like it and we bought one a few years but it didn't do anything in the garden.

Other members' successes and disappointments are being noted on my plant wish list.

22 Aug, 2013


That's a good idea Urbanite - I noticed from a comment you made the other day that you had made a visit to Binnys. What did you think? It's my local nursery, he stocks quite a varied selection and often a few wee special ones too!

22 Aug, 2013

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