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I've just been given this lovely plant can anyone I.d. it? It was in the foyer of a block of flats.




Kentia palm...Also known as a Lord Howe island palm

Howea fosteriana

21 Aug, 2013


Thank you Badfish :)

21 Aug, 2013


It's too big to have indoors, so ill grow it outdoors in a pot and treat it like my other palms, do you have any idea what size pot I should put it in ?

21 Aug, 2013


They're not hardy booboosmur, they are a tropical palm and really don't like being below 10c. they would possibly tolerate a warm summer outdoors but not a winter. Keep them out of the sun too.

21 Aug, 2013


Oh well I have potted it up, and it's i the shade, I'll have to find room indoors for it then.

21 Aug, 2013

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