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I just planted up an new border and added fish & bone meal to each plant. Now they are dying off and it seems from my internet research that I might have overdone the fish & bone meal! My question is should I dig up the remaining plants before they too starts to die off? Should I water copiously in the hope of diluting the fertilizer? What's the best approach? I don't want to do nothing and watch all my hard earned pennies die off! Anyone with suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



BFB (blood, fish and bone) needs to be used sparingly, if at all, around new plants.
However, now that the deed is done may I suggest that you dig up the new plants and wash the roots off.
Try and fork over the area to distribute the fertilizer and replant in a John Innes No.1
Watering won't dilute the BFB, but it may help move it around.
Over feeding new plants is akin to giving a newborn baby very rich food - we all make mistakes and I hope that you manage to save your plants.

22 Aug, 2013


You could pot them up in a multi purpose compost then replant them when the bed is sorted, you can give them more tlc that way.

23 Aug, 2013


I've never had any problems sprinkling fish blood and bone
directly in the planting hole immediately before planting.
Being a slow acting fertiliser I doubt that is your problem.
What plants are dying off?

23 Aug, 2013

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