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why do my figs keep falling off before they are ripe



I'm no expert but I had similar problems for years with my fig in a pot . The newly developing figs tended to fall off in spring and some that did come on also fell off later, in the summer. Lots of advice came my way, some of it conflicting and I'm still a bit mystified, but since I started giving a lot more water they have fruited wefoodll and stayed on the tree.
I also give a weekly feed of tomato food.

23 Aug, 2013


To add to my earlier comment, I thought that as they grow well in dry conditions, then reason tells us that is what they like. Is yours in a pot in the ground?

24 Aug, 2013


Mine is in a pot

24 Aug, 2013


Mine is about ten years old now so perhaps age is also a factor but I get 20+ figs every year now. I don't know if this is a good crop or not but it's miles better than previously when I had about 4!! The pot I have it in is 16" across at the top. I cut it back brutally when it gets too big for me ad in fact I've just taken off a lot of new growth as it was encroaching on my washing line.
I hope this is useful to you. In the past, I've asked on GOY about growing figs but seem to have found my own solution. I'm surprised that no-one else has answered your question ----- all I can think is that the most knowledgable were on holiday at the time.
Perhaps you could try asking again. Good luck Joanne, it's a beautiful plant even without fruit isn't it?

25 Aug, 2013


Thankyou for all your help i will try some of the suggestions you have made and see how it goes next year,
it is a beautiful plant and dont want to lose it thankyou again

26 Aug, 2013

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