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Help please -my new pyrus salicifolia pendula, bought and planted in July is/was a semi-mature container grown tree. It's been fine but suddenly over the past 2 weeks it's started to look like it's dying with all the leaves turning black. What could the problem be and can the tree be saved?

On plant pyrus salicifolia




I'd contact the place you purchased it from,
But july may have been a bit hot and dry to plant it out......was it well watered?

26 Aug, 2013


Thanks for the response, Pamg. It may have been too well-watered as I forgetfully left a hose on it overnight about a month ago! I don't know what the signs of drowning are, nor fireblight symptoms, either of which I thought might account for the blackening leaves. I plan to contact the supplier tomorrow as it's bank hol weekend now.

26 Aug, 2013


Best thing I think, hope you are successful

27 Aug, 2013

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