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We have a Copper Beech tree approx. 45 years old. It produces masses of seeds that are 'empty' i.e. no nuts. Anything we can do to change that?
Many thanks, Sue Hingston



Not sure, but I suspect that it needs a companion to cross-pollinate with.

25 Aug, 2013


Thank you, Bulbaholic, that may be the problem, though there are a green and another red 'Beech tree neighbours' across the road... and there are several Beech hedges in our street.
Anything we can do to get beech nuts from it?
Advice appreciated!

26 Aug, 2013


Hi Susiette, is it possible that the squirrels are getting there first?, also if you have a true "copper beech" which is Fagus purpurea, they need long warm summers to flourish, and it;s not often we get those in the UK, Fagus sylvatica is the only species that doesn't require this, so it may just be the growing conditions that are causing this to happen, Derek.

27 Aug, 2013

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