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By Snowie

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

why are my king edward spuds breaking up on boiling, its difficult to catch them whole as the little ones are ok but a few seconds too long and the larger ones just crumble.Is it because of lack of water early on. From Snowie.



King Edward's are a floury potato and it is their nature to do this when boiled. They are best roasted, made into chips or baked for jacket potatoes.

25 Aug, 2013


Thanks Moon, I have noticed they make great mash.

25 Aug, 2013


We always buy King Edwards because we prefer them to any other spud apart from Golden Wonder which we never see in the shops here. What makes them good is also the reason they break up unevenly when boiled. As MG says, they are very floury and make lovely roasties, chips and jackets. Even though they can disintegrate somehat when boiled, the resulting mash is still gorgeous as you noted.

25 Aug, 2013


Yes, I would steam them too, plus it keeps all the goodness in them, just add salt after if you want to mash or if Roasting sprinkle some salt on before you put um in the oven, I mix the salt with some oil :o))

25 Aug, 2013


Thanks all, will try steaming them next. xx

26 Aug, 2013


They will still go from hard to soft in the blink of an eye.

26 Aug, 2013

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