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By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

Is my black bamboo dead?....I thought these plants were very hardy...I have 3 in pots and placed them in a sheltered spot during winter....:<(





bamboo is quite hardy .but if they flower they die..but as yours look young plants it could be the containers are to small and dried out. better in the garden

10 Feb, 2010


So...You think they are dead?...:<(...Is it possible they could shoot new growth?..:>)

10 Feb, 2010


i would certainly wait and see before you throw them out. I had one that flowered 2 yrs ago and it still throws the odd leaf out. not dead but not as leafy as before.

10 Feb, 2010


can i see green leaves around the bottom? if so it maybe just suffering from the snow and frost. is the compost realy dry?

10 Feb, 2010


it depends if the roots have been killed by the frost mine are in large plastic pots put inside a fancy clay pot( too big to move) when I divided them as they had overfilled the pot one piece died and the other took a very long time to recover, you could try toptressing and liquid feeding, keeping well watered and see what happens, we were advised to feed monthly march to july and to cover the top of the pot with white gravel or slate to keep the roots cool and to protect the roots in winter( hence the double pot) all I can offer is patience and keep your fingers crossed

11 Feb, 2010


Does look like green leaves at the very bottom - pot them up in the spring or plant out, whatever, cut back the obviously dead bits - looks from the picture that the tops have been caught by the cold.

11 Feb, 2010


if a type of bamboo flowers the same type flowers over the whole planet at the same time. it sometimes only flowers every hundred years .they are worried about when the type of bamboo pandas eat mostly for that reasen as it does die right bamboo gets very big like seaburn sais wate and see .id either get some of that bamboo membrane to stop the plant getting to big and put it in the ground or put it in a big pot though eventualy it could split any pot. as bamboo sais cut it back and wate till spring.

11 Feb, 2010


Thanks all.....I'll wait another while, then cut the tops off and see what happens....:>)

11 Feb, 2010


your welcome motinot xx .

12 Feb, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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