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t seems Yellow plums are a UK national – something I didn’t know till I did a search for them on the internet! Gerry has several trees growing on his allotment which are giving a bumper crop this year! I’ve been eating some but I’ve cooked several kilos of them but now I don’t know what to do with them!

Two years ago I tried making jam – but it wouldn’t set for me – not with apples nor with shop bought pectin! I thought of making yellow plum crumble but I fear the cooked remains – after being passed through a strainer – is too liquid for this idea! I don’t have any jam jars either like I had 2 years ago. :(

Does anyone know if they can be frozen before cooking? With or without the stone? I’ve no idea at all! I’d hate to see so many plums go to waste! I’ll only have another week or two at the very most to “harvest” more.

What about Victoria Plums & Black Czar plums? What can I do with them – jamming out of the question! If I could freeze them to use over a few months I’d do that.

On plant Prunus

Allotment_yellow_plums_harvested_23_08_2013 Allotment_plum_tree_yellow_at_bottom_of_plot_close_up_23_08_2013_003



I freeze my damsons (uncooked and whole) and when I am ready to use them just defrost and cook as usual. I spread them out on an oven tin and freeze so that each damson is frozen individually, then bag them, so that when I need them I can just take out what I need. It works just as well for plums.

27 Aug, 2013


We de stone them, then stew them and freeze when cool. They are then used in any Plum recipe and Yoghurt.
I believe they can be roasted too, then frozen.

27 Aug, 2013


Or for those inclined......washed, dried and forced into a big jar, sugar added then a spirit.....I have only done this with sour plums like czar or damsons.....then we use gin,
You turn and shake the jar daily until the sugar has dissolved. Keep in a cool dark place until christmas when you strain the fruit and drink the liqueur......and if you wish eat the"ginned"(or whatevered) fruit!

Or plum chutney

Or a table at your gate with bags of plums and an honesty box

I have a young Oolong golden gage not yet fruiting.....
You may be right about the yellow plum, a Leicestershire village has a Syston White Plum

27 Aug, 2013


Interesting you say that about the plums. My brother's in Gloucester, and he was told the yellow plums he has were an old local variety! I bet they're old local varieties everywhere you go, which would imply, a 'UK National'. I don't think they make a particularly good jam, and I've tried, with little success, as has my sister-in-law. Too runny, too sweet, and not as flavoursome as a good dark plum or a damson (my favourite). Hope that doesn't offend anyone who's just made a prize jam from the yellow plums!

27 Aug, 2013


One day hopefully my young tree will give us some........

27 Aug, 2013


Thank you all for replying. It's been most interesting reading your replies.

It doesn't seem to make good jam as I tried to do so a couple of years ago, there was no fruit at all last year, this year the trees (all kinds of fruiting trees) are almost at the breaking point for their branches, so loaded with fruit are they!

Jaykaty, you've answered one of the questions I was most concerned about - if they could be frozen without some preparation. So thank you again! :-))

I've stewed those I had brought home & putt hem in the fridge for the time being till I decide what to do with them.

29 Aug, 2013


Greengages are a yellow/green plum and I think they make a really nice jam. Certainly it is the one I like most on the hot crust from a freshly made loaf.

30 Aug, 2013

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