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I now have a 1 yr old bichon frise called molly.Is there anything I can do to stop her burning my grass/



The grass being burnt will be entirely your folly
For having a Bichon Frise called Molly.
A dog called by anything other than that
Or even a large and well behaved cat
Would cause you no problem with your wonderful lawn
And turn it a worryingly poor shade of faun.
I suggest that the first time she ventures outdoors
You follow her closely, hot on her paws
And wash down the targeted small patch of grass
Where she stops and lowers her aristocrat a**e!

27 Aug, 2013


Brilliant, Worthy, made me laugh...

He's right though, best solution is to hose the area immediately afterwards. There is something called dog rocks you can put in their drinking water which is supposed to neutralise their urine, but I don't know if they actually work, always assuming your animal doesn't refuse to drink the water so treated anyway.

27 Aug, 2013


loved the poem worthy.I have heard of these dog rocks but will probably try watering it,thanks for replies

27 Aug, 2013


A tip picked up from a gardening programme is to add a dash of Tomato Ketchup in their dinner, apparently it's s'posed to add a smell to their urine which they dislike therefore causing them to go elsewhere, I have two large dogs so do know all about browning of the lawns but won't try it as its better to replace one patch than dozens, the joys of being a doglover I'm afraid........

27 Aug, 2013


Brilliant Worthy!

27 Aug, 2013

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