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i have a climbing rose called new dawn and two purple clematis,polish spirit and jackmani i think its called,theyre all growing together and it should look lovely but its not. They start off lovely and then the rose always gets a funny thing on its leaves which has blackish spots and the clematis usually end up with something eating them. How can I prevent this from happening nexy year?



You can prevent the black spot on the rose by spraying it with a product called Rose Clear. You do this early in the season when the leaves are still young, and can do it again later on if necessary. Sorry I don't know what's eating you clematis.

Try to pick up and burn fallen affected leaves from the rose as the spores will overwinter on the ground and reinfect the plant next year.

27 Aug, 2013


Cut off the infected leaves and burn them then spray the bush with a solution of baking soda: 4 teaspoons baking soda in 1 gallon of water. Adding a few drops of liquid soap (make sure it is soap and not a detergent) will help it stick to the leaves. You may need to do this regularly.

Check general growth and make sure the bush isn't too congested - in spring, prune out stems that are crossing to open up the bush and allow air to circulate.

Clematis could be being eaten by any number of beasties - earwigs, caterpillars, slugs, snails....

PS - easiest way of making liquid soap is to dissolve a spoonful of laundry soap flakes in hot water.

28 Aug, 2013


thanks ill try these tips you,ve given me plus ill try roseclear next year.Thanks you are all so helpful and I appreciate it

28 Aug, 2013

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