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Tree peonies are suppose to be hardy aren't they? I bought one also this year and looks very sad at moment!



Tree paeonies are hardy - to a certain extent. We have them in the garden for 20+ years and they are quite happy to -10C. Two winters ago we had -15C and thought that it had killed one of them but, after cutting back the dead wood it came back as good as new.

28 Aug, 2013


Hi Barbara and welcome to GoY, where do you live in the UK, is your soil neutral to acidic and how have you planted the tree peony?

28 Aug, 2013


Hi Moon growe,
Have my peony in medium plant pot in normal compost from Garden centre. Looked at roots and they seem to be rotting accept for one little tiny, tin white root coming as tho' it's fighting back ha! I am taking back to garden centre for credit and may be buy another next year - don't know...B

29 Aug, 2013


When you bought it from the Garden Centre you needed to either repot into a much larger pot or into the ground.

29 Aug, 2013

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