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Have been recommended to get a Rose of Jericho plant, in relation to devloping my spiritualism. Can you advise where I can buy a good quality plant? I live in London

Many thanks and kind regards



Hi Angela and welcome to GoY. Firstly I suggest you go in and edit your question to remove your e-mail address - putting it out in the public domain as you have done is not a good idea.

Secondly to the best of my knowledge no plant is going to help with your spirituality! There are two plants with that common name Anastatica hierochuntica of the mustard family and Selaginella lepidophylla both form a tight ball when dry and unfold and grow under moist conditions. As to where you can buy them in the London area - try a Google search...

I discovered some fascinating info when I did a Google search but nothing to convince me the plant can help you develop your spiritualism.

29 Aug, 2013


Just go to and you can get one for a fiver. No idea what it has to do with spirituality, though.

29 Aug, 2013


I'd be very interested to hear what you intend to do with it to improve your spiritualism.

30 Aug, 2013

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