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By Loz2207

New South Wales, Australia Au

I have been given a dracena plant for good luck which it did so splendidly. It was transplanted from being outdoors back into a pot. I've was keeping it indoors with limited sunlight but the bottom leaves were turning very brown and so were the tips of the green leaves. I was told to put outside with some daily sunlight and limited water (wait till soil drys) I sprinkled osmocote pellets onto the soil last week but the plant is now looking very sad and sorry so I brought it back inside. It doesn't help that we have building renovations work going on around the place ... I don't want my plant to die ... please help.



I think you might be referring to Dracaena sanderiana (google for pics to check), which is often known as Lucky Bamboo. Whichever one it is, Dracaena do not like direct sunlight - most prefer good light, but not direct sun. They do not like to dry out completely, so the compost should be slightly moist to the touch - water as soon as it feels dry to your fingers, but before its shrunken from the sides of the pot. Don't let it stand in a tray or outer pot with water inside it for longer than 30 minutes - empty it out if there's any left after this time, because they don't like wet feet either. They prefer average warmth (minimum 55 deg F in winter) and don't really like a lot of heat.

Browning lower leaves might just mean they're too old and need to die off, but the brown tips mean insufficient water at some point and hot, dry air. Mist with water occasionally, particularly if its hot.

1 Sep, 2013

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