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I grow tomatoes in a small green house 2 x 6 feet. The bottom of the tomatoes are turning brown. What am I doing wrong or what is wrong with them?



Sounds like blossom end rot due to irregular watering and lack of nutrients (are you feeding them?) You can take the affected ones off and the plants should be ok.

1 Sep, 2013


Are you leaving the door/roof vent open for ventilation? And do you mean 4 x 6, as 2 foot doesn't seem very wide?

1 Sep, 2013


Cammomile I think you may have hit the nail on the head and I do forget to feed them ( an age thing) and thank you for your reply it was very helpful.
Myron. Yes I did mean 4x6 and there is plenty of ventilation Thank you for your reply it always helps to be reminded of what you should do.

3 Sep, 2013

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