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Could anyone help ID this evergreen shrub for us? We need it removed but like the plant. Would also welcome advice on taking cuttings etc as we would like to grow it again once the hardscape is sorted.

Wp_20130901_004 Wp_20130901_005 Wp_20130901_006



It looks to me like a common laurel--nice shiny leaves. Easy to get and to grow, if that's what it is.

1 Sep, 2013


I'd agree common laurel.

1 Sep, 2013


Yes, definitely Laurel!

1 Sep, 2013


Prunus laurocerasus - a monster, gets 25 feet high. If you still like that kind of plant later, buy a smaller version, unless you want it for screening/hedging - Prunus l. 'Otto Luyken'. I'm pretty sure there's a couple of newer varieties available which are also smaller....

2 Sep, 2013


The wood is soft to cut. I just prune mine with loppers or secateurs whenever it gets too big. It is very good tempered and doesn't mind being cut back but it's best not done with shears as these cut through the leaves and make the bush unsightly.

2 Sep, 2013


Mind your foundations, fences etc., if planting the common laurel. We had one of these at the end of the bungalow when we moved here, had a trunk as large as a big leylandii (have those as well!) and the roots took a mini-digger two hours to get out, then they had to drag it (too heavy for the digger bucket) to the bonfire!
Yours looks closer to your neighbours foundations than yours!

2 Sep, 2013


Thanks folks. We need to build a retaining wall between myself and my neighbours front gardens. I intend to build it with a large planting pocket on my side and would like something structural again. Seems like this laurel likes the conditions. May have a look round and get another laurel for there.

3 Sep, 2013

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