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why does my hydrangeas never flower



Can we have more info please
Is it in sun or shade
Is it in a pot or in the ground
And lastly do you prune it?

2 Sep, 2013


Great minds think alike, I asked the same thing when this was asked again.

2 Sep, 2013


Hi Owdboggy its so easy to chop off the flower buds isn't it......its the first thing that I think of.....

2 Sep, 2013


And we get a vicious wind in April which completely destroys the growth on which the things flower. One reason why we have gone over to H. paniculata types.

2 Sep, 2013


We've been away and my mophead is really droopy its had a couple of buckets of water now poor thing....I always leave the flower heads on for protection but it is in the most sheltered area of the garden

Is the Panticulata the lace caps or oakleaved? That one died on me......

2 Sep, 2013


Neither, Lace caps are just another form of macrophylla and the oak leaf one is H. quercifolia.
The flowers on H. paniculata are more like mobcap macrophylla ones than anything else. Generally they are white fading to pink, though there is a reddish one now. The advantage is that they flower on new wood, so you cut them down in late Winter to the ground if wanted.

2 Sep, 2013


Oops, didn't see this question - answered it when it appeared the second time, above.

2 Sep, 2013


Thanks Ob......I,ll google it

3 Sep, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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