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Hello, 2 years ago I had a leantoo greenhouse fixed to the end of my garage. There was an ivy growing up the wall which I wanted and have - inside the greenhouse. It is poorly. There is black mould along stems and the leaves are sad and covered in sticky gunk. I have washed it twice this year with detergent water as I thought it was subject to some tiny frly or spider thing... I love the ivy covering the one wall and don't want to loose it, could you please help, thank you Les in York



Sounds like Sooty Mould. The mould is growing on the honeydew (sticky gunk). You need to find the insect that's causing the honeydew and get rid of that first, then the sooty mould can be washed off.

If you're 'organic' then spray with soap (two parts water to one part liquid soap) - may need several applications, every other day. If you don't mind chemicals then may be just as easy to spray with a general insecticide (make sure you do the undersides of the leaves as well as the tops).

2 Sep, 2013

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