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What is the best plant to use in a thick clay soil which holds puddles of water. Thanks



What type of plants are you thinking about ?
Perennials, shrubs, trees etc .... ?

12 Feb, 2010


There isn't you need to work on your soil first by adding sharp sand or fine grit to open it up and encourage better drainage.

12 Feb, 2010


There are some kinds of bamboo that like a boggy situation, but most prefer normal soil. Calla lilies might find it quite acceptable as they like to be kept moist.
But as others say above, if you work lots of grit and well rotted compost into your soil, it will improve it for many more things which will make gardening far more interesting for you.
How easy would it be for you to put in a simple land drain? It's not difficult, you just bury a special perforated plastic pipe a couple of feet down as long as the pipe can slope away to somewhere where the water can drain away, like a ditch or another piece of low lying ground. Even digging a shallow ditch beside and below the piece of boggy ground will allow water to drain out of the area so you can improve the soil.

12 Feb, 2010

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