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I have 4 little areas of ground, a) 58" x 43", b) 79" x 43", c) 58" x 56" and finally 76" x 67". If I do a 4 year rotation,
which seems possible. What's the best way to plan it?
I've looked and if I do some potatoes, I don't know when I can add Celery or leeks, If they are all at the same time then the space doesn't seem big enough. i am only thinking off planting maybe four potatoes, a row of this and a row of that, but am finding it hard to organise the idea. can anyone help please.



the RHS website has a nice little section on crop rotation. Or you could check out antiquarian gardening books for how the 'old boys' did it (I'll bet it hasn't changed much).

3 Sep, 2013


I would grow carrots, onions, swede and salad crops in your 4 beds.
Simple reason being in a relatively small area you can get a lot of produce as they all can be grown close together.
I would grow potatoes in polypots separately.

3 Sep, 2013


The usual four year cultivation is brassicas, legumes, onions and potatoes/root veg. Check the RHS website out

3 Sep, 2013


thank you to all of you,

4 Sep, 2013

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