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I have a lawn about20mts square it has archangel of soil which goes around the side of it also ihave a round bed in middle with plants in it the gardener that ihave had which ihave now stopped as ihave noticed my lawn has gradually been shrinking due to him cutting it back ever time he comes so soil bed has got wider I want to get my lawn back to where it was is it best to fill up side Chanel with soil and put grass seed on or should I get turf I would like to use same procedure for middle round bed also will it look a mess if grass is a different colour but I would have to put up with that



Unless you know the mix of grass seed in your lawn you're unlikely to get a match for the new area with sees or turf, so it could be a long-term programme of re-seeding over couple of seasons to blend the new and the old.

Turf is more expensive but will give almost instant lawn, after the effort of preparing the ground.

Another option might be to reshape the lawn and flower beds so that you move the turf from one area to another and that removes the problem of mismatched new & old turf.

4 Sep, 2013


urbanite says it all really! but Savana, WHAT is an archangel of soil?it sounds Heavenly.

5 Sep, 2013


Thanks urbanite and freesabird oops meant a Chanel of soil

6 Sep, 2013

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