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Hi can anyone help me. I need some ideas of something to plant that will block out next doors conservatory. They had a conservatory up and then one day they had put a bigger conservatory up. We are a semi detached house so our left side of garden is fine but then on the right we have the end of our dining room with patio door and they are attached. It's about 90 inches from our end of house and their house continuing. Then it's about a 110 inch stretch of their conservatory. that I want to block out as it comes above our 6 foot fence. They are the type of neighbours that moan about everything! Is there any kind of plant that will look fairly pretty most of the year that I could plant to grow up and block it out that I don't have to worry about roots causing too much damage or anything? It's their fence on that side so they are very previous about it so I need to think carefully about what is going my side. Thanks



seems you have unpleasant neighbours. what about leylandi trees

4 Sep, 2013


Don't suggest those horrid trees please, that will only cause more problems.

4 Sep, 2013


I think it was said in jest Cammomile

4 Sep, 2013


You could always erect another fence on your side, with a trellis on top to support roses, clematis etc.

4 Sep, 2013


I agree with Steragram. Try leaving enough room between the 2 so you can get in to maintain behind. Even large trellis panels and you can grow what ever you want on them.

4 Sep, 2013


Thanks for all your ideas. As I only have a small garden I will have to be careful what I pick, but Trellis is a great idea. Will starting looking at some roses and clematis.

6 Sep, 2013

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