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Hello, I have an Iceberg climbing rose growing on a trellis and some wires. It has been very poor really, I have only seen about six flowers in the two years it has been planted. It has long horizontal growths with side shoots as all the tips advise.Would pruning it hard next spring force it to flower more readily or is that too drastic.It grows ok, Its made about two/three metres of growth but little in the way of flowers. Any ideas.



Hi, it sounds as if you have nothing to lose by pruning it hard, it may help, also have you been feeding it?, roses are very hungry plants, if not try a high potash feed, but too late or this year, you could also try mulching it overwinter, Derek.

4 Sep, 2013


I think it would benefit greatly from a hard prune too,Maybe take some of it off around November,about half way..and the rest in well as a specialist
feed at the same time.I mulch mine for winter as well..good luck...

4 Sep, 2013

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