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I have a 16m long, very old, common Laurel hedge which I have cut back to 2m high and right back to the stems, which are 6" thick in places. I now look out on bare stems and branches but I know that Laurel grows from old wood so my question is, is it best to wait for this 'renovated' hedge to green up or dig it out and replant?



We had laurels in a previous house which were overwhelming and we cut them right back. They don't take long to re-grow so I should persevere.

5 Sep, 2013


I agree

5 Sep, 2013


Me too!

5 Sep, 2013


I have endless bird-sowed seedlings of laurel arrive in my garden. It's not a plant I'm enamoured of but there IS a gap in a hedge near my potager where the animals (deer I think mostly) get through. Is worth trying to relocate one or more of these laurels (about 2-ft.3ft. high at present) into this hedge - or shall I not bother, just chop them off and perhaps poison them? (physical effort is an issue, alas...) thanks for your help

6 Sep, 2013


Certainly worth a try. Get as much root as possible and water well . Probably worth removing about a third of the leaves to reduce water loss.

7 Sep, 2013

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