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Hello, Can fucsias, purchased to display in baskets, be overwintered in a greenhouse? Thanks, Linda



They aren't all hardy but I have managed to keep 2 plants for about 5 years and another for 2 years. I don't have a shed, greenhouse or conservatory but keep them by a very sheltered west facing wall between our bungalow and next doors cottage. They always seem dead after the winter but I cut them right back in very early Spring and they bounce back.

5 Sep, 2013


If you've got a frost free shed they will be fine. Pot them up and cut them back a bit in November, and you could cover them with newspaper or bubble wrap when it's very frosty.

In about March you'll be able to see some tiny green buds. At that time, bring them into a light place, and water them a bit.
Later on they can be repotted, or planted back into the baskets.

Good luck ! :o)

5 Sep, 2013


You can keep them anywhere frost free, an unused bedroom, attic, shed etc but get them out about March as Hywel says and spray what's left of the branches with tepid water if you didn't cut them right to soil level.

5 Sep, 2013


I used to keep them in the attic when I lived in the old house. It was easy to get up there :o)

5 Sep, 2013

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