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Gladiolus cardinalis I am on the verge of buying this wonderful plant from San Francisco the problem I may have is it a southern hemisphere growing tuber so would it be possible to reverse its growing season to our northern hemisphere growing season if so how. I thought maybe store the corms until maybe March/April then maybe it would delay any new growth



It is temperature and light that triggers the state of bulb growth, Steve, rather than the calendar. We grow a few South Africans which flowqer in our summer (their winter). It may have a slight hiccup the first year but should then settle down. Plant as normal.

5 Sep, 2013


Actually, if your gladioli have been raised in California they were grown in the northern hemisphere and so will flower at the right time anyway.

5 Sep, 2013


Hi, just remember that they are frost tender, Derek.

5 Sep, 2013


I have a couple of the South African glads I have grown from seed, and they are winter-flowering types like the one you want. They flower in the winter and die back during the summer, and will start growing again next month.

6 Sep, 2013

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