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What's eating my Wallflowers?!

Hi everyone, does anyone have any idea what's going on with my Bowles Mauve?

I think the problem started as little spots, that have now developed into holes...

The plant's new this year, and I have another young orange-flowered erysimum planted next to it that also seems to be affected :(

Both plants are in the shade of a largish Caryopteris Kew Blue (Spirea/Bluebeard) that it currently blooming wonderfully and doesn't appear to have any problems (apart from some yellowing leaves in the heart of the plant – if anyone is able to shed any light on why that might be?!).

Thank you!
Georgie x:)

Img_0931 Img_0932 Img_0933



Any slugs or snails about?

5 Sep, 2013

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