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By Cazz001

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So what is best thing to grow for calcium

I have an iguana they are pure vegetarian and I thought I could grow his food. He is a baby at the minute so I have plenty of time to prepare.




Spinach is "rich" in calcium. Best source though is milk - do iguanas drink milk?

5 Sep, 2013


I would suggest you need to do some serious research on what baby iguana's need! There seems to be a fashion for unusual 'pets' with owners who do not really know how to look after them... Recently our neighbour bought the rhea chicks - the SSPCA had to re-home them as they need an acre of ground a piece.

Oh and Urbanite iguanas are totally vegetarian so no milk!

Cazz I would suggest you needed to check their diet out before you bought them! Google for lots of info.

5 Sep, 2013


Sorry forgot to say, so far as I am aware there is no plant that produces calcium!

5 Sep, 2013


MG - I meant are they given milk to drink in captivity? I now have an image of an iguana in a smock with a three-legged stool and a pail following a Jersey cow!
Cazz - what does your adult iguana eat? How do you make sure s/he gets calcium? Or is it not so important for older animals?
Quick look on t'web for calcium rich foods gives
Soy beans
White beans
All in the top 10. has diet advice.

5 Sep, 2013


I do know what they eat , Swiss chard, spring greens, spinach is not so good as it contain too much phosphorus. Along with the beans they are tricky creatures. I know dandelions are goon so instead of taking them out of the garden I guess I will grow them.

6 Sep, 2013


I guess you pretty well know the food they can eat,Cazz,after looking after Spike for the past fourteen years, but I don't know about the Calcium content..sorry...Have you thought of a name yet,for this little one?

6 Sep, 2013


this might help, shows how much calcium per serving,

Vegetable 1/2 cup/Milligrams

Asparagus 21.0
Broccoli, chopped 31.0
Brussels Sprouts 28.0
Cabbage, Green 36.0
Carrots, sliced 23.0
Cauliflower 10.0
Okra, sliced 62.0
Parsnips 29.0
Peas 43.0

Vegetable 1 cup/Milligrams

Bok Choy 158.0
Celery, diced 63.0
Collards 266.0
Kale 94.0
Onions 46.0
Spinach 245.0
Squash, Acorn, cubed 90.0
Squash, Butternut, cubed 84.0
Turnip greens 107.0

Vegetable 1 medium/Milligrams

Artichoke 54.0
Sweet Potato, with skin 43.0

6 Sep, 2013


Thanks for that great list Catty I guess I could try growing sweet potatoes, Squash and maybe turnips, For starters. Bloomer still not thought of a name. Maybe Dino?

6 Sep, 2013


Why not? good a name as any,Cazz.:o)

6 Sep, 2013


A friend has a five foot one called Arnold and it really suits him.

6 Sep, 2013


Thanks all some great suggestions on calcium rich food. Now I need to see what will grow in the south. I have names the iguana Sparky.

6 Sep, 2013


Hi Sparky !nice to meet you..:o)

6 Sep, 2013

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