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I have just picked my crop of lovely looking blueberries and the wife has made a blueberry pie. Absolutely no taste whatsoever. In the past I have also had masses of tasteless strawberries. Is there any feed I can add that will encourage taste ?



Erm, regarding blueberries, I never think they make a good pie. They need to be not quite ripe to get any taste once they're cooked, and given the hot weather, yours were probably beautifully ripe. Even eaten raw when ripe, there's not a lot of exciting taste, they're pretty bland compared to, say, raspberries or blackberries.
The trouble with flavour is its a personal perception thing as much as anything, and dependent on how many taste buds each of us has left as we get older. That said, it might be the variety of strawberries you were growing that weren't particularly flavourful. In terms of improving the taste by adding something when they're growing, I don't know of anything that will make a difference - optimum conditions would be fertile, rich soil which is free draining (for strawberries). The RHS page on strawberries has a list of varieties selected for their flavour, that might be worth a look.

6 Sep, 2013


Maybe the blueberries would be better mixed with apples as is the case with many of the berry fruit.

6 Sep, 2013


Have to say I find the big blueberries very disappointing the wee wild blaeberries on the other hand are a mass of flavour.

6 Sep, 2013


Ah yes, just what I was thinking - but a real labour of love to pick!

6 Sep, 2013


I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks they are quite bland..but very good for us,apparently..I also think they would be better added to something with a bit of maybe next year,Gritty? at least you have tried them now,sorry you were disappointed though..nice on porridge, cereal,,or in a fruit salad ,if you have any left :o)

6 Sep, 2013


blueberry pancakes look on the bbc good food guide American pancakes they are lovely and sweet and oooze all there juices worth growing just for these :))

6 Sep, 2013


Thanks all for taking the time to reply.
Much appreciated.

10 Sep, 2013

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